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Can I touch Sascha's Mohawk when y'all come through texas again? Just kidding. REAL QUESTION:: my sister likes to sing karaoke. I've never been into it, but she's tried desperately to get me to sing because she thinks I have a great voice. I'm really shy. I told her that if she could find a good version of "Take It Like A Man" off of WTF?! I would totally sing it with her in front of a crowd. Is it actually possible to legally get such a copy? Love you guys (and girl). Thanks!


KMFDM / Fulfillment Merch responded on 01/30/2014

Hi Sandra - thanks for writing. Hilarious! Hold her to it, and make her belt out "Take It Like A Man"!

I have copies of WFT?! on the way to the store, so please check back in about a week. Order, I will ship, have your local karaoke bar load the track, and belt away! (make sure to take video, lol)


Mike / Team KMFDM

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