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What's the likelihood of KMFDM coming back for a U.S. tour in the next year or so? My group loved the Seattle and Boise shows in July and August and we were really excited to have the opportunity to meet Lucia and Kapn'K in Boise! Thanks for a great time and we hope to see you again soon.

KMFDM / Fulfillment Merch responded on 09/08/2015

Hi Ben!
At this time, no tour is being booked, but there *may* be a 2016 tour. The band tries not to over-expose themselves, but that said "Salvation" was such a success in 2015!
So glad you and your crew had a great time and got to meet Lucia and Sascha!
You guys keep kickin' ass, and stay tuned!

Mike / Team KMFDM / Fulfillment Merch

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